Berlin 2009

Students of the SPSS in Berlin

In days from 8th June to 15th June 2009 several students from our school together with two students from Církevní gymnázium Olomouc took part in a festival for young people called United Games Berlin 2009. The stay was a reward for the first place which our students had won during The Day of Europe at the Upper Square in Olomouc.  Even though it looked like a pleasant reward, we had had a very busy week in the capital of Germany. We represented not only our school, but the whole city of Olomouc and the Czech Republic itself. Before the departure we had to prepare a lot of things and rehearse our new performance. In our performance we presented many important personalities from the Czech history, culture and sports. On the stage you could see J. A. Komenský, Antonín Dvořák with his Rusalka, a famous Czech soldier Švejk, a goalkeeper Petr Čech, an amazing singer Karel Gott with his honeybee Mája, dancers in typical costumes from the region of Haná and at the end a very attractive woman – Miss World Taťána Kuchařová. We went through many workshops focused on different multicultural topics – art, religion, fashion, music or tourism. Students from various countries (Great Britain, the USA, Ireland, the Ukraine, Serbia, Russia, Hungary, etc.) were divided into several groups. The aim of this event was to mix up all students and made them communicate in English. At first it was quite difficult to adapt to all – day work in groups. Results of all groups work were presented on a festival in a very old part of Berlin – Kopenick. Very unusual event of that week was an international dinner where students offered typical food and meals of their countries. Our students cooked potato goulash and they also offered home – made wedding cakes, chocolate and bread and „ tvarůžky“  – a typical cheese from the region of Haná. During the week we visited many interesting sights and places in Berlin. We also took part in a crazy disco and then in „The Night of Talents“ we demonstrated the Greco – Roman wrestling. We also had an opportunity to see the main railway station in Berlin, which is the largest station in Europe today. We returned home very tired, but on the other hand very happy and full of experiences. 

Mgr. Marta Skopalíková (translated by Mgr. Jana Novotná)