Discussion with the survivor of holocaust

Discussion with the survivor of holocaust

   On 14 April 2011 Ing. Miloš Dobrý visited our school to talk about his experience from concentration camp. Holocaust – the biggest genocide in the European history which claimed 6.8 million lives.

   We appreciate that our guest accepted our invitation and wanted to share his painful memories not only from the pre-war time but also from Terezín and Osvětim, which was a real gate to hell. 

   Mr. Miloš Dobrý was born in 1923 in Prague. His family went through hard times due to the jewish origin. He was also expelled from Gymnasium because he was the only Jew in the class. In November 1941 he was sent to Terezín by the first transport AK-1. One year later also his parents and younger brother were transported to the camp. He met his wife there. In 1943 all family were sent to Osvětim. In 1944 he managed to avoid the gas chambers and was sent to Schwarzheid to work there. He and his brother survived also allied bombing. In April 1945 they had to leave because of the impending front. They survived long march without food and drink. Red Cross helped them in Terezín. After that they returned to Prague. Unfortunately, their parents and most of their relatives died in concentration camps. In Prague Mr. Dobrý studied chemistry at universtity and got married. He did sports (as well as before the war) and this fact also helped him to survive. In 1990 he managed to become a president of rugby union. Mr. Dobrý is really educated man with broad knowlede and can speak four languages. Despite his horrible experiences he is full of optimism.

His authentic story was really valuable for us, not only from the historical point of view but especially because of the moral dimension.  This discussion helped students to prepare for historical excursion to Osvětim.

We thank Mr. Dobrý and wish him many happy years with his family.

Mgr. Vladislava Heglasová