Final exams

Final exams

Field of study: Engineering

  • written exam from the Czech language 
  • oral exam from the Czech language 
  • oral exam from an optional subject (Mathematics or foreign language)

Computer orientation

  • practical exam from specialized subjects (Engineering Technology and Machine Building and Operation) 
  • oral exam from Enginnering Technology
  • oral exam from Machine Building and Operation 


Europass is a collection of documents, which make the student`s abilities and qualifications more transparent and improve their mobility on the European employment market.

Europass consists of five documents: 

Ø      Europass – curriculum vitae

Ø      Europass – language passport

Ø      Europass – mobility

Ø      Diploma Supplement

Ø      Certificate Supplement

Europass – Certificate Supplement (E-DO) is a document attached to the certificate of specialized education (final exam certificate or vocational certificate), which should enable better understanding of its significance in foreign countries. Unlike other documents, E-DO is not related to its owner, but to his qualification. Therefore it is identical for all people with identical specialized education.

2. E-DO does not substitute the original certificate and the certificate cannot be acknowledged on its ground. However, it makes easier assessing and accepting the certificate in foreign countries.

3. E-DO is issued by the National Institute of Specialized Education (NÚOV) by means of the National Centre Europass ČR. Our school has received the right to give the document (written in Czech and English language) to all our succesful alumni. Students are given the Europass document on the festive occasion of delivering them their final exam certificate at the Olomouc Town Hall.

 Certificate Supplement (Czech version)

 Certificate Supplement (English version)