Prague 2014

On Wednesday September 24 we went on a school trip to Prague by train. We visted Vyšehrad and there we saw the Slavin cemetery where a lot of famous people are buried. We also visited there a basilica and saw sculptures by Josef Václav Myslbek and a cliff where Šemík jumped to the Vltava river. In the evenenig we went to the Stavovské theatre and watched the game called 1914 about the world war one. It was truly a beautiful play about tragedies of the war. The second day we visited the Prague castle, St. Vitus Cathedral and it’s tombs, that was really cool. In the afternoon we walked on the Charles Bridge to Wenceslas Square where a famous sculpture of St. Wenclas on horse is. The third day we went to see the sculpture of Jan Žižka, the second biggest bronze sculpture in Europe. Then we went to the war museum, where we saw really interesting exhibition about the First World War, the first Czech Republic and the Second World War.

Jan Vašíř 4B