Project IQ Industry

The Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering is taking part in the project IQ Industry Inovation – qualification for the profession

Regional Centre of Education VÚSC

This project follows the previous project IQ Auto


Brief summary of the project: It has been based on the supposition that at least 300 teachers from 215 schools of all Czech Republic regions should go through the programme Further Education of Pedagogical Workers (teachers of specialized subjects at secondary vocational and technical schools). New further education programmes for technical subjects and for the fields of using renewable energy sources and energetic savings in civil engineering will be created. 95 seminars in the area of inovations in industrial companies, 17 seminars of EVVO and 150 interships in industrial companies will be provided. A part of the project is also creating networks of partners to strengthen cooperation of teachers with experts from the companies in the fields specific for the job market in individual regions. The teachers will receive inforamation about modern technologies, production process, development, quality management, materials, metrology and systems of saving energy. The project supports the implementation of School Educational Programmes and increases the teachers competences in order to reflect changing needs of employers.