Regional Museum in Olomouc

In order to join school theoretic learning and practical view of life the 1A students visited the RegionalMuseum in Olomouc and saw two expositions:

A Queen Dagmar, the Czech Princess

In fact she was Markéta, the daughter of the King Přemysl Otakar 1st and a sister-in-law of St. Anna. She married to Denmark and she got her new name Dagmar there. She was a very beautiful and good Queen.

B Olomouc – 15 Centuries of the Town

There the students could see many archeological findings, crafts products, books and documentaries from or about the history of our town. The visitors could travel in time from the Slavic settlement in the 6th Century trough forming of the Czech Przemyslid State and the Hussite wars, the reign of Matyáš Korvín and Vladislav Jagellonský, the Baroque seat of the Bishops and later Archbishopric and Jesuit Academy and other important parts of the Olomouc history to the end of the 2nd World War. Throughout the history Olomouc became one of the most important cultural centres of the Czech countries thanks to Jindřich Zídek, a bishop, whose work is also to be seen in the exposition.