Scotland 2017

At the end of March 2017 we went on a school trip to Scotland. Our journey lead through two places in the Czech Republic, where other people from Pardubice and Praha got in the bus. But the first real stopover was in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Here we spent half a day. We had a chance to see how diamonds are made in the Royal Coster Diamonds and lots of sights and shopping streets. After that we came back to the bus and for traveled to a harbor and boarded the ferry. We were excited from the ferry, but we had no idea how the way would continue. That night the waves were huge, which nobody had expected. After 17 hours in the ferry we completed our way to Great Britain. Next couple of hours we traveled through the country to Scotland. We accommodated in our families, had dinner and went to sleep. In our journey we saw lots of sights, castles, abbeys, ruins and the ancient cities. We met lots of kind and nice people, especially in families where we spent every evening. It was an amazing trip and we learned lots of things not only about Scotland.

Kateřina Hošková