Study programmes

Study programmes

23-41-M/01 – Engineering

The course takes 4 years and is finished with the maturita exam. The field of study connects both theoretical and practical aspects of education and offers basic general education in Engineering. Students can choose to study 2 languages, except English.

Engineering – Computer Aided Manufacturing

There are high demands especially in specialized engineering subjects, such as Engineering Technology, Automation, Control and measurement, Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (planning of production, technological processes). Students can choose to study 2 languages.

Engineering – computer-aided design

There are high demands especially in specialized engineering subjects, such as Mechanics, Machine Building and Operating, Engineering Technology and Computer-aided Design.

Engineering – quality management

The field of study is oriented towards quality management. The basic principles of Total Quality Management are accented. Students are taught the ISO standards, procedrues of certification in dependence on the knowledge of economy, marketing and management and language education.

Engineering – industrial design

Students focus on IT technologies and their usage in designing (CAD), constructing (CAE), manufacturing (CAM). They also learn about ECOdesign, mechanic, automatization, quality management and others, such as 3Dpainting and 3Dscanning.

Processing of leather, plastics and rubber – plastics processing

The course combines theoretical knowledge and practical skills. It focuses on plastics and rubber processing, its technology, products construction, moulding construction etc.


23-43-L/506 Operational Technology

The course takes 3 years and finishes with maturita exam. It is a distant course, free of charge.


32-41-M/01 Engineering

Computer aided designshortened course

The course takes 2 years and ends with maturita exam. The target group are applicants who have already finished their secondary education with maturita exam in a different field of education. The course is a distant one, free of charge.