Historical excursion to Osvětim

Historical excursion to Osvětim

   On 26 April 2011 students from the first, second and third years set off to the historical excursion to the monument and museum in Osvětim. Students were prepared for this excursion through their history and civics lessons as well as through discussion with survivor of holocaust – Ing. Miloš Dobrý. This discussion was opened also for those interested in holocaust issues.

   We left Olomouc at 7 AM and it was raining. Some students were sleeping, after Easter Monday. Surprisingly, the weather in Poland was sunny. During the journey we saw really suggestive film about Terezín to catch the atmosphere of the second world war and to follow the footsteps of Mr. Dobrý who survive the cruel imprisonment, unlike the others.

   We arrived at 10:30 AM. Together with polish guides and interpreters we went through a well known gate with sign “Arbeit macht frei”, which is only a sad ridicule for those who could not go through the gate back.

   First we looked through the expositions of monument Osvětim I and then we went by bus to the part Osvětim II – Birkenau. We were caught by the atmosphere of the place so that we were not able to speak. It was the way we express our respect to all dead people. We think that for all visitors of this place it is difficult to describe their impressions. We also left our message in the guest book.

Mgr. Vladislava Heglasová